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Hello Team,

Our requirement:

We have added check box in each row of grid-

 On checked : The intent of checkbox is to set 0 value of certain checked projects and update the row summary aggregations of all row group level or update the summary row excluding the values of checked project.

 On unchecked : return original value and updated the row summary aggregations as initial or update the summary row as the original values project for all row group level.

Here below I have added a snippet (In on check/uncheck: it is setting value to zero and regaining original but not updating the summary row).

Can You please help us to do it? Please check and reply asap.

Problem URL:

Hello Team,

Exclude the records where Applicable column has No value from an avg(Custom row summary);

Can you please provide an example to calculate custom row summary for above requirement?

We have added an snippet in below URL;
Problem URL:

Hello Team,


Our requirement is to hide rows that have 0 in all data cells like below screenshot 2 for particular selected view of grid in normal mode & pivot mode.

As per your suggestion, We have added the code in View functionality in below plunkr URL grid and it is working fine for a view.

But when we are expanding/collapsing row grouping then 0 contains rows are reappearing.

Please provide a solution for it and also suggest that how it will work for pivot mode too?

Previous Support URL and steps to produce the issue are given below:-

Previous Support URL:

Steps to Produce the Problem
1. Open below URL & Select view=Test Approved from Views drop-down then first time it is working fine.
2. When we are expanding/collapsing row grouping then 0 contains rows are reappearing

Problem plnkr URL:


Hello Team ,

Can you provide to me solution of how to show/hide sub total and grand total when Grand Total check box checked then show grand total,

When Sub Total check box checked then show sub total to the pivot grid.

please go through the below plunker URL -

Please provide solution as soon as possible of it we have urgent requirements.

Also find the attached screenshot of it.

Hello Team,

When I moving group columns to top pane in pivot mode that time row grouping column data is disappearing. After that When I moving top pane columns like-  Quarter to group columns that time row grouping column get hidden.
 Please check the above issues then let me know.

Please find the below plunker URL-

Hi Team,

Is there a way in param query API to hide all rows that contains zero in row data in pivot and non-pivot mode of grid for selected view name?

Views is a drop down in grid which is modifying the grid as per View name(ex. Test Budget).

I have added a Problem  plunkr and screenshot below please check and give one solution.

Problem URL:

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Add, Edit and Delete functionality in Pivot Mode
« on: November 26, 2019, 07:50:14 am »
Hello Team,

Please provide a demo to Add, Edit and Delete records in Pivot Grid.

This is required feature so please give me some solution for this.

Hi Team,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Actually our requirement is to hide and show the Sub Total column/aggregate column inside collapsible column of a pivot grid on selecting/unselecting checkbox(SubTotal).

Please tell me the solution. or Can you please add this feature in library and let us know expected date for this feature?

The problem code URL  given below

Problem jsfiddle URL:

Hi Team,

I have created a pivot grid and It is creating the blank values in menuIcon  pop-up for a single column group records.

Please see the below Image and tell me how can we resolve it.

Problem Plunkr URL:

Hi Team,

How can we allow column names to be renamed?

If it is possible please provide a punker.

Hi Team,


We have requirement to show/Hide aggregation subtotal and total column in pivot mode. This is required feature and there is no option we found to do it same.

Can you please add this feature in library and let us know expected date for this feature?

The Total and Sub Totals are highlighted in below screenshot.

Hi Team,

Can you tell me a way that how can we hide/show the aggregate column of a pivot grid?

The below image is showing the aggregate columns.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Expand Pivot Columns on Page Open
« on: October 11, 2019, 11:17:25 am »
Hello Team,

Our requirement is to show the Pivot column in Expended mode unless manually collapsed.

Also, If we disable and enable Pivot mode it should remember the Row and Column remember its Collapse/Expand levels.

Please check the above requirement and give your suggestion asap.

Hello Team,

Our requirement is to add Quarter Display header like Q-YYYY : Q1-2017, Q2-2017, Q3-2017, Q1-2018,Q2-2018 etc. for a Pivot grid.

We tried to add it. But it is not working as required. We added an plnkr URL(below) and Screenshot-

Plnkr URL(Issue):

When we are using year as in reverse order (like YYYY-Q- 2017-Q1, 2017-Q2, 2018-Q1, 2018-Q2) then it is working fine (in Plnkr below).

Plnkr URL(year as reverse order):

Please tell me that how can we implement quarter as Q-YYYY.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Mapping between Pivot and Non Pivot grids
« on: August 06, 2019, 04:24:17 pm »
Hello Team,

We have 2 grids and want to update the second grid on check any group record. Our first grid is in the Non-Pivot mode and the second grid is Pivot grid.

Please check attached screenshot for complete requirements. Also, we added some more details in the Screenshot which will help you to understand the complete requirement.

Kindly check and let me know if you have any doubts.

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