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Bug Report / pq-localize-en.js and pq-localize-en.min.js are not the same
« on: December 14, 2018, 11:52:58 pm »

I ran into an issue on my PROD environment when using pq-localize-en.min.js. For example, strCondition property is missing but there are a lot more.

This file is NOT the same as pq-localize-en.js

Can you confirm if the .min files are kept up to date or should they not be used?


Help for ParamQuery Pro / Range Filter MVC
« on: October 30, 2018, 04:19:47 pm »

The range filter does not work as per the MVC examples in your demos. In the example code, you have the value as a string but when a range is passed, its an array.

   struct Filter
        public String dataIndx;
        public String condition;
        public String value;

Do you have a working example of this for MVC so I know the correct way to implement this?



Thanks for this. I have it working now.
You can close the ticket.



Thanks for this. I found the issue. I set the format of the date field to be "dd-mm-yy" and this causes the issue when passing a non date value.
In your example, i added format:'dd-mm-yy' to the OrderDate and I could see the the network console that the filter was not passed.
Is there potentially another way to setting the format of dates?



I checked my network console and the pq_filter is not been passed back at all when I filter on the date with a INTEGER value. (see attached

I checked another custom condition which is NOT for date fields and that passes it back successfully.

See attached( where there is 2 columns been filtered - both custom conditions but only 1(days remaining is been passed back) is been passed.

In your check, did you create a new custom filter or rename an existing filter? I know your existing filters will work, it seems when its a custom filter, I experience the problem.

I understand I need to create the filter logic in the deSerializeFilter method but the issue is with the pq_filter string not been passed back.

I have also attached the JS used to create the custom condition.



Can this be moved to "Help for ParamQuery Pro" as the licenses were purchased. A seperate ticket was raised detailing the transaction ID and account details.



From further testing, it successfully will pass back the value when I use contains, EndsWidth etc... basically any of the built in existing conditions so it looks like when its a custom Condition, it does not pass it back.

Hope that helps.



Thanks for the reply. Yes, its for remote filtering. Below is the code to add the condition:

    pq.filter.conditions.fallswithdays = {
        filter: {
            attr: "",
            cls: "",
            style: "",
            type: 'textbox',
            init: pq.filter.textbox
        date: 1,
        number: 1,
        stringList: 1,
    $.paramquery.pqGrid.defaults.strConditions.fallswithdays = "Falls within (days)";

This is added to a Property which is a Date Field. The standard conditions work correctly.

The controller method is hit but the pq_filter variable is always null.

The user wants to be able to save a grid with a INTEGER value and show records with a date period from the day the grid loads + the INTEGER value added -
So basically "DateField"<= Datetime.Now.AddDays(INTEGER VALUE).

Any help would be great.



Apologises for pushing on this but did you get a chance to review?
FYI - We will be purchasing 3 licenses tomorrow.



I created a text custom condition for a Datetime Field but its not passing the value back because i suspect its a text value associated with date type property.
Is there anyway around this?


Bug Report / Re: Between filter not passing back both values MVC
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:38:34 pm »

There is no bug here so you can close this.

The confusion was with the MVC example I used as reference( which does not have the between filter example included and hence the property value2 defined in the filter struct to populate when Deserializing the filter object.

I missed the value existing when initially debugging it.


Bug Report / Re: Bug selecting equals in filter condition
« on: October 11, 2018, 06:38:36 pm »

If i download the evaluation again, will this fix be in it?


Bug Report / Between filter not passing back both values MVC
« on: October 11, 2018, 04:23:17 pm »

In MVC, when you select the between filter, it is only passing back one value and not both.

From the example - i see in the PHP example code, there is between syntax but there is no "between" filter in the MVC example (there is a few missing - gte,lte).

I see this example between works but I am not sure what underlining example code is been used - PHP or MVC.

Could you let me know if I am misunderstanding something here?


Thanks, worked well.


Is it possible to create a row like layout for the toolbar?
If possible, we would like to show certain sets of buttons on seperate rows - for example - Export options on row 1 and on row 2 reset filters and toggle buttons.


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