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News / Upgrade to Pro Version 8.6.0
« on: September 05, 2022, 09:01:18 pm »
Dear All

We are excited to announce release of the new version v8.6.0

Background or lazy loading of data was first introduced in v8.5.0 to make loading big data quite user friendly.
This version introduces more improvements in it to make it as robust and applicable to most of the use cases which could be implemented with remote loading of data.

Background loading has been used in these 2 examples:



Few additional options have been added in Pivot tooPanel API.

Besides there are few important bug fixes in rowTemplate ( for nested data ) and row grouping vis-a-vis multiple column sorting.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 8.5.0
« on: August 09, 2022, 04:21:12 pm »
Dear All

Thank you all for your support. We feel glad to announce release of the new version v8.5.0

Besides bug fixes, it offers following updates and / or new features:

a) Treegrid with batch editing:

b) Background loading of large remote data:

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 8.4.0
« on: June 07, 2022, 11:15:18 am »
Dear All

Thank you all for your support. We feel glad to announce release of the new version v8.4.0

Besides bug fixes, it offers overall enhancement of the editors

1. Editors have got additional capability to scroll along with the grid cells. There is still a backward compatible option to make sticky editors.

2. More options to support custom editors. Example:

3. refreshCompareBy option to refresh only the affected cells (found automatically by grid) rather than all cells in the viewport after editing a cell. That means we no longer need these

Code: [Select]
cellSave: function(){


Code: [Select]
cellSave: function(evt, ui){

Example of usage:

4. Experimental feature to support rendered editors which means simultaneous opening of multiple editors in grid.

5. Some copy related events ( beforeCopy, copy ) have also been added in this version.

Note: Please refer upgrade guide for breaking changes w.r.t. editors.

Best Regards
ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 8.3.0
« on: March 15, 2022, 03:04:02 pm »
Dear All

We are quite excited to announce release of version 8.3.0 with following enhancements:

Sticky headers: While scrolling the browser window, grid header remains in the browser viewport and sticks to its top edge as long as the grid body is also present in the browser viewport.

Key navigation: This version brings improvements in the key navigation w.r.t accessibility and better user experience.
Behaviour of Tab key has been improved to maintain tab order of pqgrid w.r.t other controls present in the document.
Besides 2 new options autoAddRow and autoAddCol have been added to automatically add rows and columns as the user reaches last cell of a row or column.

Until now clipboard access was limited to Ctrl -C, Ctrl -V keyboard operations for copy and paste respectively in pqgrid.
By leveraging the permissions based API available in moden browsers, system clipboard access has been extended to programmatic invocation with click of a button or context menu item.

Key press to edit: Among other bug fixes, a prominent one worth mentioning in this post is "Key Press to Edit"
It was a long pending issue pertaining to unicode based languages e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc whereby first character typed by the user on a focused cell couldn't be captured correctly.
This issue has been resolved in this version.

Extended support for Excel import/export interoperability with other libraries: Excel files saved with openxml or any library based on openxml format can be opened in Pqgrid and vice versa. This might be important who have openxml based xlsx files in the workflow.

pqSelect component: Besides checkbox and filtering enhancement, new virtual rendering feature has been added to load tens of thousands of records in pqSelect without loss of performance.

Best Regards

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