This demos section for ParamQuery Grid Pro is supplementary to the demos of basic version of ParamQuery Grid which are provided here.
There are minor differences between the API of base version and Pro version. Please read through the upgrade guide while upgrading.

ParamQuery Pro is server side language/ framework agnostic, hence it can be used with any server side language i.e. PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Cold Fusion, etc.

Relevant server side scripts in ASP.NET (MVC)/ MSSQL, PHP5/ MySQL and Java (Spring)/ MySQL have been provided for the demos where server interaction is important part of the workflow. The server side scripts are written in pure C# and PHP without use of any third party library or extension.

Server side scripts for Java use flexjson library for serializing and deserializing JSON.
To keep it simple and limit the number of files, controller classes derive from JdbcDaoSupport rather than implementing separate service, Dao classes.