ParamQuery Grid Pro FAQ

What is required to use ParamQuery Grid Pro in my project?

ParamQuery Grid Pro is the paid version of ParamQuery grid suitable for commercial or proprietary applications. It requires a commercial license under End User License terms. The license allows royalty free distribution with your websites and applications.

Demos look good but how can I check suitability of ParamQuery Grid Pro for my project?

You can download the fully functional trial version to check its suitability for your requirements here
Download Trial Version

I had purchased PRO license but I still haven't received the SDK.

We send an email containing instructions to download SDK within few hours of the payment. If you don't receive it in 12 hours, then probably it's stuck in your spam folder or it got blocked by your spam filter.

So don't wait any longer..

Send us an alternative email where we can send you the instructions to download SDK or post a thread in the ParamQuery FORUM along with your Transaction ID (if registered in forum with a different email than the one used for payment) and we would take care of the rest.

How do I get regular updates after initial purchase?

ParamQuery Pro is quickly evolving and we release a new version around every two months. The SDK is downloadable from members' accounts in the FORUM so we strongly recommend to register yourself in the ParamQuery FORUM to don't miss the updates. If you face any problem in registration, please contact us.

Where do I get documentation for ParamQuery Grid?

Please check out the Tutorial to get started, API for comprehensive list of options, methods and events. Also check Demos section for examples and sample source code.

Where do I get support?

You are entitled to dedicated support for a period mentioned in your plan during which you receive support by posting your ticket in the ParamQuery FORUM. Alternatively you may email us at support{at}paramquery{dot}com Expected time of response to your query / ticket is 1 - 24 hours on weekdays ( Monday - Friday ) depending upon nature of question and time zone.

How do I report a bug?

You may write to us or post it in the forum. It's not counted as a support ticket as far as support credit is concerned.