This guide is meant to assist in upgrading from ParamQuery Pro v7.3 to v8.0.0 and v8.4.0. Only changes which are impacted by upgrade are listed below, along with how to upgrade your code. For new features please refer the API and demos.

General Changes

There are changes in the row details view i.e., detailModel.height default height and the dependency to set up its height to "auto".



In previous versions, it's required to include javascript-detect-element-resize to set up detailModel.height to "auto". In current version, this dependency is required only for IE.

Default height of row detail view

In previous versions, detailModel.height default value is 180.

In current version, detailModel.height default value is auto.


In previous versions, responsiveness of grid is partially dependent upon hidden iframe.

In current version, API of modern browsers is used instead of iframe to keep the DOM of the document clean. javascript-detect-element-resize can be used for some old browsers like IE.

Editor (v8.4.0)

In previous versions, custom editors could be created in column.type callback.

In current version (v8.4.0), column.type callback is reserved for specifying the type of editor only. Specifically ui.$cell is undefined inside the editor.type callback.

Rather column.init callback can be used for creating custom editors.