This guide is meant to assist in upgrading from ParamQuery Pro 3.2.0 to ParamQuery Pro 3.3.0. All changes which are impacted by upgrade are listed below, along with how to upgrade your code. For new features please refer the changeLog included in the SDK.

General Changes

This version augments merged cells, grouped rows, aggregates, summary rows, grouped columns, export of data in xlsx, htm, json & csv format and drag and drop of columns.



Grouping and summary has been revamped in this version to support merging of grouped cells, export of grouped data, extend keyboard navigation to grouped cells like Excel, allow editing of summary cells, display grand summary in the bottom fixed row, override or extend the default rendering with column.render callback and various other options. There have been following changes in the API.
  1. column.summary.type is string instead of array.
  2. column.summary.title is replaced by more generic summaryTitle option.
  3. groupModel.icon is single dimensional array.
  4. groupModel.titleCls and groupModel.summaryCls are unsupported. Instead use rowInit and column.render to inject classes.
  5. groupModel sub-options should be changed only through groupOption() method.


  1. This version adds new parameters with prefix pq_ that are send to the server while export; the server side code should be updated accordingly to handle new parameters. Please check the API for new exportData() method to get acquainted with the parameters. Also consult the sample server side code provided in the demos for ASP.NET(MVC), J2EE(Spring) & PHP.
  2. It introduces export to xlsx and zip files for which jsZip is a dependency and should be included in the document as mentioned in the docs.


The context this of listener and general callbacks in the toolbar has been changed to grid widget instance similar to the context of event listener callbacks for v3.2.0


This version introduces new custom themes including bootstrap. New bootstrap theme is simple to use, has no dependency on bootstrap framework and can be used similar to office theme. bootstrap.on option is not required and should not be turned on for new bootstrap theme.

The previous way of using bootstrap theme is deprecated.

jQueryUI compatibility

This version is compatible only with jQueryUI version >= 1.11.4