This guide is meant to assist in upgrading from ParamQuery Pro v7.1 to v7.2.0. Only changes which are impacted by upgrade are listed below, along with how to upgrade your code. For new features please refer the changeLog included in the SDK and refer to API and demos.

General Changes


contextMenu options

In previous versions, contextMenu.items returns items for both body cells and header cells.

In this version body and header cells are separated into contextMenu.cellItems and contextMenu.headItems respectively.
Also contextMenu.head is ignored.

rowRightClick event

This event proved to be reduntant and hence in current version rowRightClick has been removed.

% format vis-a-vis export to Excel

In previous version, values of cells with % format are displayed in grid without change in value while their value gets multiplied by 100 in Excel e.g., 50 with "0%" format displays in grid as 50% but as 5000% in Excel.

To exhibit same behaviour in grid and Excel, in this version, cells with % format are also displayed after multiplying their value by 100.